Monday, June 29, 2009

Laney's Summer

So far, Laney has been having a good summer. She is sixteen months old today, so I thought I would post some pictures of the last month and what she has been up to...

Here she is swimming with her friend Sophia in Aunt Lori's pool. She just spent the week with the Giebelhausen family last week and loves Kylie, my thirteen year old cousin. She wakes up in the morning and says, "Ky Ky?"
She says "cheese" for the camera now (isn't it cute how she wrinkles up her nose?).

Laney loves playing outside and loves to play with balls. Trenton is nice enough to share his soccer ball and his kickball with her whenever she wants to play with them. What a good big brother he is! She is very busy, so whoever goes outside with her has to be very fast to keep up! Laney also loves to push her baby in her baby stroller. She puts her head down and goes really fast!

She is learning to brush her teeth. She really does not like anyone else to help her do it (really, are we at this stage already?). Also, this happens to be a picture with her first ponytail, which she ripped out of her hair shortly after the picture was taken.

Grandma Veralyn found this yellow playhouse at a garage sale. Laney loves it!! She gives her baby a bath in the sink and plays peekaboo with the shutters on the windows. On Sunday we were leaving for church, and she went out and got into her house and did not plan on coming with us at all. She is Miss Independent already!

Here she is with her oldest cousin Camden. Aren't they cute? Laney really does not share with Camden very well. She also hits him. Poor Camden, he is so sweet and Laney is kind of bossy. (Basically it is Little Derek meets Little Jana - Sorry Camden).

Laney LOVES to dance and sing. (Mommy can't wait until it's time for dance lessons - just two more years! She has started counting (she says, "Seben, Eight, Four, Four). Also, Daddy taught Laney how to say, "That's mine." one night when he was playing with her. She now takes other children's things and says, "That's mine." (Way to go Dad!) We are having lots of fun watching her grow! Stay tuned for more posts. We are going to Wisconsin Dells on July 1st so we will have new vacation posts of the kids!

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  1. I love the pictures and update! She is doing so much! Emolyn doesn't talk that much! But I totally get the pushing the stroller with the head down thing!